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We conduct our investigative procedures, document analysis, witness interviews, background investigations, and prepare reports in a professional and ethical manner. We coordinate with local and national law enforcement, along with other agencies or auditors, and provide expert testimony relevant to our findings. When conducting our investigations, we abide by state and federal laws, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We also believe prevention is important which is why we provide recommendations for implementing controls to help mitigate the risk of fraud from occurring or reoccurring.


Corporate fraud investigations are conducted by a Certified Fraud Examiner who provide problem solving solutions to quantify economic damages for a variety of fraud related allegations. Our investigations include corruption, a wide variety of misappropriation of assets such as employee embezzlement, management fraud, vendor fraud, payroll fraud as well as financial statement fraud such as timing differences, and fictitious or over/understated revenue, liabilities, or expenses.


We assist attorneys, representing divorce clients, by establishing the financial condition of their marriage. Financial Quandary Investigations quantifies marital assets, uncovers hidden assets, and determines if income has been understated.


Our background, due diligence, and asset investigations provide a thorough and detailed review using a variety of open-source intelligence techniques and databases. We research employment, professional credentials, current and former addresses, criminal indictments, bankruptcies, tax disputes, legal disputes, news archives, and other available resources. We review tax returns for business interests, financial relationships, investments, assets sales, and identify discrepancies. We complete nationwide searches to identify real property and review company retirement plans, real estate holdings, fraudulent property transfers, and corporate credit profiles.


Financial Quandary Investigations offers fraud prevention consulting for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We create or refine existing control processes that mitigate specific fraud risks, work closely with management to support corporate governance, and offer recommendations to resolve control weaknesses. Our fraud prevention program minimizes the likelihood of fraud and allows for early detection of fraudulent activity.